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This is a recreation of Hotwheel's GET Script. It should function very similarily.
How To Use
Download the .zip file and extract onto your computer. Run the executable board_watcher.exe and follow the instructions to add the imageboard, board, and GET target.

Note: The executable must be paired with the python library (python34.dll) included in the .zip file otherwise it will not work. The executable contains the source code and the python libraries Requests and Click.

Alternatively you could download the source code and run it, but you would have to install python and the dependables from the script and know how to call the script from the command line.
Why Use It?
It is much faster than refreshing the page or even using the detailed count at getwatcher.net because of the extra delay going between your computer and this website. I recommend using it when going after large 4chan GETs.
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