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Are you interested in competing against some of the most autistic people on the internet or perhaps mining mountains of salty tears? Then this place might be for you.

This website is designed to be a central location to track upcoming GETs on various imageboards.

GETs are repeating integers that occur on imageboards. Every post submitted to a board increases the post count by one. As a unique post number approaches there can be competition between users on who will take the GET. This is how the GET culture was created.

The software tracks how many posts are posted each day (PPD), and as the GET approaches per hour (PPH), to estimate the likely time a GET will occur.

You may use the "Latest Post Count" link to get a snapshot of the latest posting speed and calculate an alternative estimated time. Generally the front page of this website is more accurate on a long term scale while the latest link is better when the GET is near (< 4-6 hours).
The following are considered GETs if n >= 10000:
  1. Any number that is one number followed by all 0's, like 6,000,000 or 70,000.
  2. Any number that is made up of consecutive digits, starting with 1, like 12,345 or 1,234,567,890.
  3. Any number that is made up only of repeating digits, like 88,888 or 8,888,88.
  4. Any millionth number, up to 99 million, like 39,000,000 or 68,000,000.
GETs highlighted in gold are considered pure GETs and the most highly sought after.
Upcoming GETs (by posts) Updated every 15 minutes
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Chan Board GET Posts Left PPH PPD Time Left
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